Friday, February 3, 2012

eBay Commissions on Hubpages

I just checked my stats on Hubpages and saw that a few weeks ago I earned a commission from an eBay sale from one of my Hubs.  I had only signed up for the eBay program within Hubpages a few weeks before that.  I haven't really been keeping up with what's going on over there, but at some point they switched from having to be your own eBay affiliate to now being able to join the eBay associates program underneath Hubpages somehow.  Before I never earned any commissions from eBay, but I signed up on Hubpages to get eBay commissions and now I've made my first sale.

What's interesting is how they report the earnings.  The product sold cost $34.99.  And it says the revenue earned was $3.70, but there is a disclaimer that the revenue portion listed is before it's split up between Hubpages, you the writer, and any referrals on the page.  So I get 60% of that commission, which works out to $2.22.  So my portion ends up being about 6.3% of the sales price of the item, which is pretty good.  I usually earn closer to 4-5% on eBay sales over on Squidoo, so 1-2% more is nice.

And that gets me thinking.  Maybe I need to be focusing more effort on writing pages over on Hubpages featuring eBay products.  I do quite well with eBay products on Squidoo and I'm wondering if I can write about similar things over on Hubpages.  I also wonder about those referrals.  Maybe I could do some promotion of hubs already written that have good eBay links on them.  But I'm not really sure if the referral gets impressions or a percentage of the sale or how it works.  But it's worth more research to find out. Join Hubpages HERE

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