Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Most Popular Antiques on eBay

I just finished a new articles on Hubpages, The Most Popular Antiques on eBay. This is my first attempt to incorporate more eBay listings on new Hubpages articles. After I looked at the commission I earned from one eBay sale on another page, I decided I need to diversify some of my online income and write more Hubpages. And it seems that eBay items might be worth highlighting, especially in the antiques and collectibles category, which I love to write about.

And I actually found some good Hubpages already written that I could link to with my referral link embedded into the url. This not only will add valuable resources for my readers, but I also get a share of the impressions for a short time period when someone clicks my link. But if you do this on your own Hubpages, make sure you actually read through the Hub you are linking to make sure if has good information and in about your same topic. There's nothing worse than linking to an article that provides no value to the reader. Join Hubpages HERE

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