Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Align an Image to the Left

A picture of my dog, Zoey, aligned to the left of the pageHave you ever needed to align an image to the left or right and have your text continue on the lines like normal?  You need to "float" the image.  And whenever I need to find the html or css code to do this, I always have to sift through the Google search results to find what I'm looking for, because my bookmarks on my browser bar are just as disorganized as my office.  I can't find anything when I need it.  Of course, if you are writing on a website that gives you nice picture templates and asks you if you want to image to the left, right, or center, then you don't need to use any type of code.  However, I need to align images a lot inside of Squidoo text module, which I need the html code to float the image.

I "stumbled upon" an article on Stumble about things to think about BEFORE you make a website, which was a fantastic article and a must read for anyone writing online.  The topic is actually how to create small websites that rank well, but the majority of the article was everything you need to do prior to even buying your domain name.  And so many people do this backwards.  They jump in head first and fail because they go make a website that doesn't fill a need.  So no one visits the website.

The example she used for a website she created was about how to align images.  Which I find myself quite commonly using the almightly Google to point me in the right direction.  So here's the link to that - Simple Website to Align Images.  And here's a picture of my dog, Zoey, aligned to the left using html code.

I also then stumbled and read something else that I found interesting:  Feed the Bot, which you can put your url into and it will show you what the search engines really see on your webpage.

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